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were supposed to be of sole or chief etiological import. To this

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at the conclusion, from an examination of the subject in every quarter of the

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which almost filled the cavity of the pelois, and which at first might have been

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Gilbert Farquhar, aged 22, admitted 23d August, 1834,— a sailor, — stated dis-

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morose and feeble; was then seized with gastric symptoms, and pass-

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ing an injection, while, as the previous studies of Dochez have

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urea nor sugar of milk, or at least in extremely minute quantity. — //;. and Pog-

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parts of the chest, this substance was nearly one-fifth of an inch thick, and part of

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this dog than in the others, so that the increase of urobilin was

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two groups as regards clinical symptoms, one where the symptoms

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Brugsch and Retzlaff (1912) modify Charnas' method by extract-

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of the effused blood and the paralysis of particular organs. It has been said

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Matters, however, soon returned to their former state; the r^les in the left side

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tion always possesses a higher degree of vitalit}' than the ducts, we can under-

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disease is so rare in the latter, that scarcely one indigenous case has ever

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health; his father died suddenly of apoplexy. His grand parents

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exhibited no obvious signs of ill-health, weighed 4.02 kilo and ex-

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and pleasing style. We are well aware, that a history designed to

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An enormous amount of experimentation must be done before

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because they fear, if they were explained, men would discover them to

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comment upon one or two of the subjects included in this portion of

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died when the sloughing process was taking place. If such an operation as I

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blish the principle of the operation. May it not be considered most fortunate

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functioning of the valves and the musculature of the heart, and

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relative weight compared with that of the body. This constitutes

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3.4 mg. of uric acid, and D. N. who also had a nephritis had only

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patients, without definite figures to go by, is that in them ocular

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years, they may produce them generally in others, without the necessity of re-

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withholding it, as might be necessary. These, however, were unat-

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secretions are referrible to a disordered action of the eliminative force,

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were made. Four days after incubation of the tubes was begun,

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a critique upon the views of the homoeopathists; were we to enter into a review

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Invalids in England, the South of Europe, &c. By Sir James Clark, Bart., M. D.,

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three and a half years (Case XIII) before death. It is to be re-

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when chloromycetin was legalized 1947