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future health of her husband, should she marry, and in particular
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auricle and superior cava : mixed thoracic blood must, there-
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made its appearance, was opened and drained thoroughly with
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ers of the blind. While they toiled faithfully and conscien-
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0.175 grains of uric acid in 1,000 grains of serum. Klemperer found as
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septics, such as 2^0 to 5^ carbolic acid, and i to 1,000 or i to
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that on the peripheral part of the nerve. Spiller reports a case where
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cases no bacilli corresponding to any of the types included in the
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rocks. Under Augustus, Rome had two large libraries. One
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a brownish -yellow, semi-ciear, very sweet, thickish
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lifting and unusual exertion, soreness came on at the old
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The facies are important. One must not always associate
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the patient is allowed to resume his ordinary calling,
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supply probably close on to two miles into the lake.
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December, but the week before that there were a large number of
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accompany her to the asylum and so far as I am aware this has uniformly been
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nouncement that in all that can be done for the veterans, the com-
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In the second case, a boy three years old, took, be-
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and had to lie down because of weakness and dizziness.
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May 8, 1866. Called to see Barney, coloured man, who in a fray had re-
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heartily concur with the paper which has been presented by Dr. Brown, for
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after marriage. She was still nursing this child when she again
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thoroughly explored ; all to no purpose, and the wounds
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decade from thirty to forty, especially, showed a greater
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are invariably present, and denies on grounds of ex-
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He relates the case of a man found dead by the wayside without his money :
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affected part (Garrod),' or there is a too free formation of it at these inflamma-
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The dressing is now complete, and while the " bridge" is steadied
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(Gibert), etc. As will be seen farther on, Erasmus Wilson applied the
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cause in which we have merged our interests so able a Lecture on the
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will be protected from the direct^ rays. Fish-tail gas burners and
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threaten, cceliotomy, separation of any adhesions, and pulling up the uterus, is
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moderate, is not only without danger, but may conduce to the welfare o
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Synonym. — Oleum juniperi empyreumaticum, E. ; liuile
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Acute Empyema of the Maxillary Antrum, by E, J. Moure, of Bor-
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week. At this time a pain over the internal malleolus of the right leg
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Literature," is the theme to be discussed in a series of
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the day, howled under the eaves at night, stole through the
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in numbers. Experience also proves that according to the number of
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restraint. He submitted to the details without the slightest opposition or re-
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— It is a well-known fact that the gonococcus ceases to