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CLXXTV. Acute nephritis chronic pneumonia Edema of the lung and

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had but little experience in the treatment of this disease

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bating and deliberative body where medical reports and topics can be

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the age of thirty is less than that of an ironworker and at

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for the many failures to obtain strong toxin some years ago when

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scarlatina and diplitheria come on during convalescence and there

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largest groups of muscles and a slight muscular con

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cause of death. The congestion may be hypostatic when it will be

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reflexes were exaggerated. Speech was syllabic. Eventually all the

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fect features of the solution until during the past

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pitals and Private Practice. The means as he stated

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the experience that rooms clothing and other objects may retain for

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In some such cases one can trace the connection with some pri

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loins and hind quarters the gluteal muscles were excessively

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two quarts of water until one half of the liquid is consumed then

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the synovial membrane is in immediate contact with the

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would be decidedly reduced. The treatment of diphtheria was

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inflammation it is a very common occurrence and it passes

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Louis Medical College. There is no such person con

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Plick Metcalfe. On October th at the Parish Church Hardrow by the

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introduced and the head adjusted and filled with water.

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inch in length. All ol them penetrated deeply into the

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Late adiastematia. When adiastematia appears later in life

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i H n of partial enucleations and the use of caustics and plasters.

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indications of disease had vanished. The condition must

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Martin Barry also a great writer on embryology John Keid one of

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experience the breathing and heart stopped though the patient fortunately

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bronchitis which occur in the severer cases cannot be projK rly looked

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ally sealed and renders it antiseptic by excluding germs. By

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