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recalled. Having turned over the Shorncliffe Military Hospital

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probable that they are not composed of fibrin, and certainly are not

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Perforation of the stomach sometimes occurs. It oecuiTed in 21 of 507

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large round cells like those of the neck of the bladder;

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half an ounce; none had passed below the fifth cer-

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hours after operation. Thereafter as the edema disappears and the

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He has eructations, and these are usually followed by

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containing clothes, bedclothes, etc., was tested by von

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sidered by us all ; for I venture to say that there is no

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feel in a measure equipped, I shall hope to incorporate

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modifications of this rule. An increase of oedema or of anemia gener-

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especially if petechiae are noted on a physical examination or

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destructive conjunctivitis, especially the severe purulent

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humane activities which have been set going in China. Occasional

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York City, and is now practicing in Wilmington. He and his wife

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of human mortality would be reduced one third at least, and the

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cubic millimeter being 3,500,000 or thereabout, and that the haemoglobin

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when all symptoms passed away. Five months after, noticed

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pulmonary artery. The morbid effects are manifested in the lungs ; but

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jaundice and commenced to vomit. Treatment was of no avail :

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pathic concept. The physiology of muscle is the concluding subject of the

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came across a case of chorea he examined the heart, convinced

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cold springs are therefore artificially heated before being

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a hundred and eighty-five years. Jenkins, a poor Yorkshire fisherman, who lived

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evening, or vice versa. Sometimes, whilst chylous at

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convalescence. In many instances pleurisy is secondary to conditions

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A priori the weight of evidence is strongly against such a

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horses (77, 17.476), panthers, and lions or boars (77. 17.20). This

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sion, with normal resolution of the involved lobe, the pulse rate remained over

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acting within the alimentary canal ; and nothing can be more vague than

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We can readily imagine the vexation he must feel, and with it, the un-

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Here also much sighing had been present previously. In an infant of 5

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4. Following an injection of serum, controlled by blood-pressure, the after-

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ach or the duodenum is involved, we could treat either at the

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Angioneurotic edema is not an uncommon disease. In 1901

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the causes. These are simple little points source of spreading all kinds of infection,

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casion to use ancesthetics a great deal during the war and

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concerning the exact seat of the disease. It is claimed by some that it is due

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tion and asked to take long inspiration in an effort to force the stomach

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making process and make a difference in the way your representative organization

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endorse it unless they knew what it actually was. Of

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mal skin. The possibility of pemphigus and other bull-

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Van. Ref. N'eurolog. Centralbl. 1892, y>- 881.-50. Hkrringham and Andrewe.s. .S'^.

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Mexico, 1884. ii, 278; 2'-6.— Thomas (L.) Une epid^inie

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A woman, aged fifty-four, presented herself for examin-