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described in much the same way as by the preceding authors,
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our second volume, where destruction of the nose by lupus, often called
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tain detached ciliary epithelium. There is much more commonly a
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This genus is easily recognized by its peculiar whip- worm shape; the thick
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den Erreger der menschlichen Aktinomykose. Miinchen. med. Wchnsch.,
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and the lung, that is to say, at the sides of the thorax. Over the un-
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250 kilos, each costs 50 pesos and yields about 5 liters of blood, each liter
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logical clinic for these 5,000,000 of people would appear absolutely
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drinks, to cover him warmly, and to apply a succession of hot, moist
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recognition, partly on account of the acuteness and violence of its initial
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to the few observations that have been made, the temperature is some-
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to typhus and other asthenic fevers. The sick man is collapsed, is ex-
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2. Town of Cervantes and vicinity showing character of Abra River bed at
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that but two occurred which at the time of the operation
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40) and of Dor and B#rard (Prov. m£d. (1893) are not available to us.
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axilla 108°. Considering that, in my opinion, he was mate-
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ally where all else fails we may give creasote (gtt jv. to | vj. of
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destroyed, by camp diseases which are now known to be preventable.
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selves upon occasion, I hesitate to declare that it can hardly have any
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Wulff. Die Strahlenpilzkrankheit. Berl. thierarztl. Woch. (1900), 13-17.
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this case, and indicated that the treatment prevented suppuration of
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containing media not only are the best in securing growth, but with all our
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ness upon pressure. There is a great desire for cold drinks,
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duced by bleeding ; and, by prevention of further transudation of serum
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appeared intensely reddened, had aphthous (?) spots on it, and was
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next morning, we give a sharp laxative of gamboge, scammony, or
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and that there must exist a certain quantitative relationship between the
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with a blind end, which the food enters, while alongside of it the
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cences ; beside various kinds of parasites inhabiting tlie cavi-
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a class of destitutes who, as they are helpless, are the more deserving of
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they received, some time afterward, the name of Infusoria.
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plied by the uncompressed capillaries alone, receives too little blood,
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t Bevan, Arthur Dean. Treatment of actinomycosis and blastomycosis with
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have frequently found a slight dulness, or a friction sound, with sub-
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The disease may commence in childhood, and continue throughout
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river which serves as a sewer and water supply, as a universal bath-tub
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Commission, om* Chicago, or to the hungry of their Ireland, or
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found the spleen enlarged eighteen times. We cannot agree, however,