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mitral valve. Besides, the current causing the murmur is directed to

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are ufually prefcribed in fuch complaints, but, notwithftanding,

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I have often given the iodide in very long courses, but, I think

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Read before the Ramsey County Medical Society, St. Paul,

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pear to us, says Mr. Adams, that if the tendon of the biceps were acci-

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disposed to hypertrophy ; and that in the parts affected with

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that the hernia did not re-appear. Ho did not resume his truss, and

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Foods from This Source," Cir. 91, V. S. Dept. Agr., Bureau of Chemistry,

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and the fact that although it had been down only eight hours, the

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their highest intonation and diffused over the entire front of the chest." In

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previously well drained, may then be tossed gently in it, or

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acute and chronic cases, and also in acid dyspepsia with neurasthe-

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carefully back to beginnings, this is not a strange circumstance.

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tion by the lancet, leeches, and purgatives, as far as the patient^ s

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ficial infection, but in those more deeply seated, as for instance when

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There are other types of less importance, such as the amaurotic,

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tory movements are somewhat restricted, although the thorax is well and

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appeared from the pen of the author in the pages of the

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fied in depriving diathetic individuals of the benefit of surgical intervention, even

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necessary for this at a specified time after eating. I am glad that he

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a rounded tumour, usually with a central dimple, and is due partly to the

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extractives of the thyroid tissue, of the thymus, of muscle, etc.,

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Sir Roderick Murchison announces the arrival at the mouth

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allowed to granulate, and finally be skin-grafted. Some surgeons

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advantage of the vaginal route was that it gave natural

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established the doctrine of endoglobular parasitism in malarial infec-

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anatomist to make an investment of so speculative a nature, unless it were

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of our duty to the ratepayers, offer more than we can

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liable to specific tubercular infection. We may fairly believe that

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thelization, and it is then understood that its action is represented

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As gastrostomy for carcinoma is merely a palliative

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Diagnosis. — We are not likely to confound yellow fever with icterus

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of the age of Aspasia were to be renewed in this couiitry with