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the subsequent comfort of a patient. A "reef" is much less
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(|iRMitlv in the cerebrum, eitlier in the temporal or frontal
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fHAKSPERFS DRAMATIC WORKS: the Stratford Edition. New edition, 6 vols,
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and the Committee was frequently in conference with
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recipients to ascertain whether death was real or apparent.
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explained by the loss of the compensatory mechanism which maintains the
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who came with the startling news tliat Shabogesic was dying, and
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able cystitis at the time of operation. This did not
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eration could be improvd by substituting the intra-
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with the introduction of the gag, and the inhaler had to be re-
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spoiul witli tlie forefinger of a child. Tlie most valuable ad-
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entirely surgical. It is a waste of time and useless to
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secretion. It commences about one week after exposure, and
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possible cause of such a degree of emaciation; and in my
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separation of these elements which are so frequently combined, in order
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Important Advances in Clinical Medicine — Anesthesiology
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symptoms at all favour the suspicion of pregnancy, of course the sound
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chairs, on stretchers and on crutches; with legs gone,
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tion into the veins are due to the relaxation of the resisting
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grade of buccal-phar>nigeal inflammation as shall
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shelter of the tooth extension of the left beak of the in-
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your full satisfaction whether 3'ou have or have not a
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in the wound, has given precision to surgical prognosis. Be-
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sufficient to render him one of the favored and prosperous
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writer made an investigation on this point and found that the dust in
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a serious disease in the United States, endeavors to suggest a
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with him, but fret and cry if she would not. He seemed well
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The essential features of the examination on admission were
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BB gun to the same controls as any gun, pistol, revolver
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His apparatus also provided for the use of the hands
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many of them accompanied with expensively got-up maps
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and blood more or less rich in fibrin ferment. The clot of purpuric
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to " itch and bum," and the suffering from these sen-
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by Wright and Douglas, and, briefly, consists in mixing in small
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four types of influenza in children, (1) uncomplicated, (2) with complica-
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The signs of systemic infection were pulmonary and circulatory.
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workers should have succeeded in their cultivations. Cul-
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matter of the lungs. These micrococci were about 0-9 /» in diameter,
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hint which ought to be gratified, for nature makes use of a large