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corded. It varies, however, in its duration. If it comes on abruptly with

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perfusion the apparatus was carefully washed and sterilized in the

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the bacteria themselves when reinoculated into the filtrates. Ap-

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shortened by dashing cold water over the patient, and sometimes by pres-

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pheres. They present themselves, in the first instance, as small

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47°, with a mean of 69°. ^ For the month the average degree of heat

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irritable, whilst an insatiable thirst torments the sufferers, and the

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of the Treasurer that Dr. Rush Vandyke has declined the payment

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etherization, and were infrequent in animals subjected to the re-

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increased by fright it is conceivable that the rate at which it is built

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and Harry be delegates to represent this Society in said convention."

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of the disease was as follows: 17 severe cases, 17 moderately severe,

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recently reported by M'Gowan. In association with Wang (18), M'Gowan

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had existed for a day or more, before it attract^ much attention.

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matin has faded or failed to stain (Figs. 92 to 97, 100 at o, 102 at o,

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poison. Ill some the septic element predominates, and in others the

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Edinburgh, administered ether to awoman in labour, for the purpose

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dioxide, except that in room air. Since the method consists of a

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are probably soon absorbed, or tiiey may accompany cerebral softening, as

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which operates in a few minutes and passes off as rapidly, could )

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After tbis pHraula ol)conica wrji given ; then pfiorintin* ii> view of

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afipay^. after catin^i or driniinff^jfreceded hji colie^ Aggravation

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compared. Table I shows that wounds of an area of 2 sq. cm.

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her arrival the fever broke out among the steerage passengers. Thus

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unlike. In order to accomplish this the pigment epithelium cells

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wax, white petrolatum, a bismuth salt, and mercuric

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difficulty. In the past year Crabtree 3 published his technique for

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has sterilized itself through incubation at 37°C. for 4 days, actively

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or less distance from each other, than can be done by the slide, this

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Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of

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low acute infectious diseases as the result of the accumulation of fungi in the central nervous system,

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A Comparison of the Effect of the Intraperitoneal Injection of Bacterial

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animals against Pneumococcus mucosus. With this serum a study

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tions of 1 : 100 and higher in about 40 to 60 per cent of cases in the primary, sec-

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Doepp does not, however, deny that, in certain cases where the

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