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the latter condition often gives rise to a peculiarly offensive

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or fall, he is said to have the disease. Now, I would

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situation of the exciting cause. When the difficulty is in the jomt,

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anaemia ; a relaxed and soft condition of the brain substance ;

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to produce functional heart block in the cat by means of asphyxia.

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spinal cord. Mucous membrane of tympanic cavities swollen ; drum-membranes

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As a rule, the greatest amount of nitrogen is eliminated in the first

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dance. Increased excretion of oxalic acid has also been observed in a variety

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viously been Detected. — Maurice H. Richard.son, in summing

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began to have aural symptoms ; but continued to take

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M. Soo., Grand Rapids, 1890, xx. '251-273, 8 di.Tg. |Diacii3-

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which he had eniployed the antiseptic dressings with

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. and with the main points every one is familiar. At the

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funeral, for indigent Avomen and the virgin daughters of burgesses

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throughout the United States, who can readily procure for their customers any works

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uraemia, and the evidence of its* existence, here, as under other circum-

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work (1866), was applied the name uricaemia. Subsequently the name

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ische Medicin, 1874. In all cases not complicated with gastric ulcer, the in-

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perly use the forceps, almost every man Some men naturally have more control of

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any of the duties required by law, of practicing physicians or surgeons.

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cannot be unfaithful to his soul or to his intellectual power," so

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disembodied spirits — if the board allows these to shirk en-

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except the increased size of the uterus referred to. The patient's

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but often live in rather clear water. We have, however, seen them

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' Read, by Invitation, before the Obstetrical .Society of Boatoii,

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in all but one of these six cases the patients fell to the groimd

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Anesthesia Morbidity and Mortality Conference, second and fourth Tuesdays, 6:45 a.m.; first, third and fifth Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.,

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say that the presence of stridor not accompanied by laryngeal

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so far reduced as not to be felt through the parietes of the abdomen, it could