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charged. Shortly afterwards she returned to her work as a

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in acids, in alkalies, and in alcohol. At first, when

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the Committee of Eeference, if the meeting so decide.

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laris meninaitidis. It is a biochemical phenomenon,

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rotation. The doctor believed that the great preponder-

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in situ for twelve hours. Should considerable hemorrhage occur, the

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ishment was given. At the end of his sixteen-hour nap

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election is the face, especially the nose, cheeks, and auricles ; it seldom,

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matous muscles, necrosed bones — man becoming loath-

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the hemoglobin and erythrocytes showed no increase during the

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this treatment, and will reserve the report of my con-

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tween 130 and 140, small and irregular; his tempera-

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treated by the surgeon rather than the general practitioner.

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12 to 15 micra in diameter, with nuclei 6 micra wide. In the remaining

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bathed the innumerable nerve ganglia for a long period.

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a tumor was found (mixed cell sarcoma) in the left basal ganglia (Fig. 1).

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tion which develops the mind at the expense of the body. He

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On the third or fourth day, ihe surgeon in the belly, for which she was bled to i oz..

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accommodate you in like manner, it will be a pleasure to do so.

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in the destruction of intruding micro-organisms have

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a high one for the ascitic fluid, and wished to know whether observations

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compatible with the avoidance of great or permanent feelings of

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arates into a sediment of undigested food and a supernatant

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and placing a similar one under the spine (the patient

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frequently due to nephritis, complicated by tuberculosis. Nevertheless,

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epizootics where rats presenting such slender evidence of infection may