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Section of the Spinal Cord, showing the Exudate on the Surface,
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before : lie regarded the association as a mere coincidence.
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but in many cases also it is originated and kept up by the
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too, arises the question of the usual source of infection in man, as well as
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been decided. A few cases show a decreased phenolsulphonephthalein
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Laboratory of Bacteriology, read a paper on the " Ba-
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deformity of the bones continued through three generations but
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abetes it is eliminated as sugar and in proportion to j exact moment when the blue cupric solution is decol-
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experience to put us in good standing in the future.
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city. He was born in this city, January Ist, 1840. Receiving
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These cases are very susceptible to treatment when the meas-
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Pharmacy, Microscopy, and allied sciences, throughout the United States and Canada,
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Brougham as most excellent in every respect. And last by
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Neither the sailors of Spain, France, nor Holland were lacking in
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The good results of a good thoracoplasty in properly selected
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under Abbott's direction, has kindly sent me an account of 2 additional cases
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wiiere it became necessary to open the mastoid. Tlie treatment
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or four inches wide and long enough to go one and one-half times
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A spherical or cylindro-conoidal bullet, when it penetrates a
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types of secondary skin lesion in syphilis is known among the
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provement in the lymph node tenderness seemed to support
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distilled water for one week : the spools are then withdrawn and kept
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never use strapping till after the sutures are removed, but have
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diel substituted for his usual tare. The advantage of this pro-
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122. A Mode of Using a Three-pad Tourniquet In the Treatment of Aneurism.
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secondary complications^ such as ulceration of the satellite vein, if
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pleuritis. Kidneys capsules slightly adherent, finely granular; parenchyma degen-
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recurrence of the pain with vomiting, and an increase of
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nomena of continual occurrencp, where impressions pass with
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twenty -four hours, and then straining by expression. An olea-
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of New York; M.D. 1977, Columbia University College
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der Helminthen im Jahre 1885 <Arch. f. Naturg., Berl., 51. J., v. 2 (3), pp.
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ties with cutaneous manifestations, make it clear that the redness is often
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personis, being within the fredome of this burgh, quhilkis [who] ar infectit or lies bene
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veffels do not become too full of blood •, for which
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the expectoration was small, but very adhesive. To-day