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of gangrene over the right hip. On incision, postmortem, the

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feces have a heavy shell with a small lateral depressed hook, which

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Kolthoff, I. M., (translationHb^^N. H. Furman), Volumetric

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but the gross changes are sHght in comparison with the histologic

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most common affections of childhood," the treatment of which is

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• In most instances the wave lengths given are those of maximum optical density. In the

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apex-beat. However, when it is perfectly apparent that the

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use in the nose. The throat should be well illuminated so that

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by ordinary defensive mechanisms, or perhaps also as the yeast cell by the

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gram-negative rods with characteristics typical of the Salmonella

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at first, but they increase in number, coming out in crops from day to day —

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was 108. I noticed a slight obstruction to taking a deep, full

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of this group are separated into three genera on the basis of the

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tained in the serum, but are due probably to substances in normal horse

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time of exposure must be correspondingly increased to com-

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dextrose or Sabouraud's agar slants. Incubate trans-

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occur on standing longer than 30 minutes; hence the turbidity

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(2) Hard-bodied ticks transmit various human diseases, the

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thirty, and she has not had any of the special symptoms com-

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rule as one who has had a long and serious attack, obliging him

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typhus and frequently fails to provide even presumptive evidence

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understanding does allow patients to train themselves out of

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refiltering if necessary to obtain an absolutely clear fil-

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tinability. A standardized antigen should be employed.

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The invasion is less marked in a large proportion of cases than that of

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this purpose must accompany the preserved specimen.

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all patients should be tested with the pollens of June grass, red

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was described by Sydenham under the names Pertussis infantum and

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and drug treatment is very often unsatisfactory, as is evidenced

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the pursuit of happiness." Therefore, let the Institute keep its

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3 to 4 days they reach a diameter of 5 to 6 mm. Growth is less