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the best. The introduction of the instrument is not
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8. Hoen, T. I., and Cooper, I. S. : Acute abdominal emergencies
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more frequently noticeable in the morning on rising. The poste-
sanguineous fluid collected in the peritoneum and was
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groins than elsewhere. It is profuse on the back, especially in its upper
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found that in considering a group of 150 which calomel is used, the addition of one
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and eyeballs, constant lachrymation, intense ])hotophobia, heat of
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demic di febbre tifoidea. Ibid.. 18.57, 2. s., xxx, 65-70. —
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knowledge,' and much else, so soon as Work fitly begins." ^ These
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Later the sputum became foul, the lungs having become infected from
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operation performed for strabismus. Some years ago,
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characters, except that the quantity of fibrin in the blood is notaHj in-
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jails and turning them out again; and then locking them
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nous fluid mixed with more or less blood ; it usually contains no fiaeces.
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pharynx, to make such forward pressure as to excite laryn-
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our patients in a central computer. Mr. freeman has written programs to
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become opaque anci milky, and about the sixth day (eighth day of the
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Esquimaux to the tropic, without destruction of life. It is equally true that
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constants derived from the experience of different observers in different
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on healthy and fever patients give me this assurance. Cold
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of applying the indicated mechanics. Various leverages
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comprised cases of pregnancy and uterine function generally ; the second
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and Feb., 1851, the case of a young lady, who had been unable to speak above
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agreed that an operation was imperative, and the King
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mendations of the Report, by which almost every, if
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diversity of opinion. While in Paris last summer, I took
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year being considerably larger than during the two preceding years.
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of two inches. (3) No injury to the patient will arise
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the epidemic germs, or the fomites, in a locality where temperature,
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