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There is no evidence that in the amounts used they do

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as the result of a rheumatic poison acting on the cells, and directly pro-

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crying out, and every movement may bo excessively i):dnful. An eruption

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volume and form of the pulse does not seem possible at the present

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their investigations are recorded contains reports of twelve other cases by

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Error of place consists in the impossibility of locating the exact

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symptom picturesque it is safe to assume that this quality is

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Heichelheim emphasizes the findings in gastric contents of clots of blood

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existence from its effects upon the constitution ? The idea

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quite independent of any direct nutritive value. Some, like the extractive

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firmly pack it. In bleeding from the internal mammary artery pass a

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of delirium in which the patient lies still, talking

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clusive, was 1.870 inches on 15.2 days. Since January 1, 1910,

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ness to speak, or even loss of memory and impairment of intelligence — the

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curred some time prior to its miscarriage. The delivery

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impartial, steering a midway course between what the

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terward. Approximately this may be done, if the fixation

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The most striking revelation of the autopsy was the

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obstruction, hypersensitivity to chlordiazepoxide HC1 and/or clidinium Br.

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my hands, and the last time I saw him there was an ulcer in the

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ton cloth to drain, and finally submitted to strong pressure to get rid of

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Bu£Scient to settle the diagnosis. An excess of liquor potassae is to be

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certain immunity. We know no other protection — we can give no bet-

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tions which ergot meets. (1) To contract the blood-vessels, raise the

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years. It affects the patient by convulsive motions of the limbs, and

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This is characterized by a granular degeneration of the muscular fibers of the

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occurring in the domesticated cattle in the Transvaal, as instances

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work. This (lalicnt was first seen by me in August,

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ation of the podophyllin as a cathartic, prepare the following :

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