Adapalene Patent

A subscapular splenectomy, in the sense one speaks of a subscapular

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Synonyms. — Broncho-oidiosis Cast; Bronchoendomy-

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After condemning an animal with tuberculosis, the veterinarian

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orrhage;" A. H. Krull, "Influenza;" W. G. Huyett, "Pulmonary Em-

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Dr. J. S. Cattanach read a paper entitled " Economy in the Practice of

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so swollen that it could not be forced back into place. He said

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be to the public. Objection will be raised to the cost, but how

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solution at the ordinary temperature, and this is retained in the

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clean, and a herd of Swiss cattle that are fed on dry feed, meet

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of the American Veterinary College, class of 1886, and while little

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sheaths drained toward the palm. Gangrene of the end

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^^ It is contrary to the best methods of hygiene, sanitation, and

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Neosalvarsan is generally given in doses half again as large. Some

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Drs. Soule, McLaughlin, Winslow, and Pierce reported interesting cases.

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twenty-four hours' standing do not bleed so freely nor so perfectly

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futile to group all types of ulcer together and determine the best treat-

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investigated. It was recognized through the assistance of Dr.

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wrappers. For the enlightenment of our editorial colleagues, we

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peat what experimenters in the laboratory have for a long time

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compound, offers similar advantages. It is employed in doses of ^/^ to 1

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moments he has been reading the current literature of the day,

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undue fermentation should be avoided, especially if the patient is under

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Helena, and their contributions are further embellished with pho-

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bile passages and the resulting lack of bile in the intestine.

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25 minutes apart. The water should be sipped slowly. It is well

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suppress the tendency to continued spasms, as for example in strychnine

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on my shoeing. Moreover, I will cure by this discovery or secret

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obtainable was that for about two weeks she refused to eat and

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blood-clots or hyaline masses. There are also general hyperaemia,