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acute ulcer or a chronic one. In chronic ulcer, especially if
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scope may thus furnish a diagnostic sign of inflammation.
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pigmentosa (p. 850). Possibly other forms of epithelioma may originate
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the gift was performed by Dr. Lavies, who eulogised
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is interesting to note that the hiccough resisted all measures for
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in cases of absolute need, and in warding off sick-
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ovum. The contents organize, take on a yellow color,
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6th, he complained of constant pain in the back, and
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Chronic nephritis was found at autopsy in 6, having been present before
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will probably not be able to report until July. Despite a critical
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of milk, and the little fellows will not be able to take it all; this will remain in the
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diagnosis of gall-stone occlusion of the common duct.
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prepared by the Information staff as a recruitment device for medical tech-
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It is a compilation pure and simple, and, on the whole, it has
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tive. A leucocyte count in these cases is not helpful since it is usually
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— There has been a growing conviction among leading
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The poison of the €roialu8 horridua and boa crotdhides^ or
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the Orillia Hospital, their idea being to place a layman in charge
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cury. If the precipitate be filtered off and the loss of mercury ascertained, an
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to the smaller bronchial tubes, after which the children, who at first gave
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attained by a comfortable convalescence, and the litter by a providential euthan-
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peculiar chai-acter possessed by these liquids, t. e. they have a decidedly green
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quite confident that the assertion is lias(;d upon fact.
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asleep till morning. 88 And you're satisfied by the exceptionally
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silver from the copper coin. His eyes had a fixed, brilliant, and dazzling
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The sick officers' quarters, with its four rooms for officers and its
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sided, when the patients have strikingly reminded us of those
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Marinesco. " [Nlaladie des Muscles," Brouardel et Gilbert, " Nouvcau Traite de med et de
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tender parts upon an immovable posterior wall which
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James Paxton, Publisher, State Medical Society of WI, 330 E. Lakeside St., P.0. Box 1109,
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For this purpose I applied to my oilman for some specimens of the
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cells, white cells, hemoglobin, and 25 differential counts of leucocytes. Exami-
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attacks of laryngeal stenosis, in the intervals between which the
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faction and digestion of gelatin and Loeffler's serum are tabulated as follows :
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October 1900. She sustained a Pott's fracture sixteen months before, for
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grain doses every night for four nights preceding the menstrual
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and notwithstanding the difficulties of correctly estimating the
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the functional insanities, can all usually be benefited by