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regions, to a less extent in the thawing months of spring, and

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the present number of inmates is 58 ; admitted during the year, 6 ;

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in the cancerous mass, wdiile on the left it was in the wall of a foul-smelling,

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the heart, but did not confound these vessels with the

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an hsemorrhagic infarct varies according to its age. In shape it is

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respiration. This has been pointed out previously by Levine

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diagnosis is made, I do not think it is our business to go to that patient

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seldomer seen now tlian formerly, and that when they do occur they are

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by the following test :— Pour a few drops of each on a plate and add a drop of

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therefore, deepened, so that the patient is sufficiently under for a start

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for the true founders of our knowledge of exophthalmic goitre, it seems

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say, because a given gold coin continued to exert the same antiseptic action

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312 Paraiuore : Intra-abdufninal Pressure in Fregnaiictj

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they are slow and backward, their iutellectual development being below

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{Read before the Edinburgh Malico-Chirurgical Society, ith May 1870.)

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It is, however, the only method likely to result in benefit to

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recurred at each period to an increased extent. At the date of report there

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thing that lowers the vigor and health of the body, are

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The American Orthopaedic Association. — At the recent

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take place, with a sudden rise of temperature, which lasts one to

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twenty-four hours is dependent on two principal influ-

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the depth remaining pin-point in size, whereas those which come to

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required by some Boards of Health, and which has been already

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pated, but in pelvic deformities, or unusual obstruc-

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Agnes was several years younger than she was. (That there

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work its mischief there, than that it should vex the

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as a matter of fact, the prognosis was believed to be exceed-

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preparations, as a 25 per cent, ointment of mesotan, may also he of serr'

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Had we been aware of this feeling, the expression of our