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the veterinary physician and surgeon for the functions of his office and the

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B. Hoskins, the Veterinary Society was fortunate in obtaining the

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equine and canine pathology, and it is unfortunate that the author has

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*Abstracted from Jour. Am. Med. Assn., March 4, 1916, Ixvi, 716-721.

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under 20 years of age, gallstones were present. Improvement after

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excessive quantity of calomel, which enervated her system, and left

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it by the Association for its hospitality ; seconded by Dr. Rayner. This

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it is possible that in this disease the materials proper for its repair are

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Addresses were given by Major E. C. Watkins, Prof. C. N. Nye, Dr. J. B.

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Urine copious, colour and deposite unchanged; profuse perspiration;

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drainage may be secured. Mr. Harrison has retained the services

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Dr. Hawley : I wish to make a remark on one point in regard to inter-

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benefit either as a prophylactic or a curative agent.

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for, as a consequence, they usually grow very careless about matters of

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the year's work. The Army Legislative Committee has been increased to

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fluctuated distinctly. The parts below the growth, especially the

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time she was being worked and was fed on bran and oats, with

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intestine. The same difficulties lie in the way of the use of belladonna,