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symptoms. Other names have been proposed, but they also are not free

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vol. lxx. 1887 — 16. Trans. Third Internat. Congress of Dermatology, London, 1896,

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Spasmodic ergotism is regarded by some as a variety of tetany,, others

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of cold water followed by a good reaction. This is most effectively secured,

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gives rise to sleeplessness, and to various forms of nerve and mind

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skin irritations. This state may pass into the most excited melancholia,

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This altered irritability to faradism was demonstrated in a large pro-

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Juvenal and Dryden ; so thought Macaulay, and so will

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dark yellow, superficial colonies grayish yellow. Non-pathogenetic (71).

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(1) The coarse adjuster gives rapid movement over a wide

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must be in the main accounted for by the vaso-motor constriction which

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the negative needle, and the tissues about the positive needle turn white.

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breathing or contact of them liable to the same disease.

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and a marked case in which most of the muscles of the limbs and body

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heart or vessels, and of the signs of cerebral tumour; while other

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Wochensehr. 1885. — 2. Breisky. "Ueber Kraurosis vulvae, etc.," Zeitschr. f. Reil-

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caries," there is a very salutary clause, which en-

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from dipsomania. In the successful cases, including both sexes, the dura-

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that the method was not efficiently put in force. It is to be prescribed

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of Psychological Medicine. — 12. Freud. Apud Neurologisch Centralblatt, 1896, p.

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pustular skin affection, apparently very common in parts of tropical

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