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muscles which were principally used were most markedly affected (Teleky).

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pathic examining bodies are members of the American Medical College

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,3. What Is the public health significance of fleas?

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become apparent, as they do in ordinary febrile delirium. In the febrile in-

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The aggregate fees for tickets to all the lectures during the regular

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cortex; the nodules are also quite abundant, as a rule, in the pons, less fre-

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reality, belief, certainty, the enjoyment of the present moment become difficult

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indications we must look chiefly, in neuralgia of the second and third branches,

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who shall attend the said Preliminary examinations, and who shall pass

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distinguish colors, especially green, disappears quite early. On objective

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of mix vomica). [In the severer cases with toe-drop, care must be taken

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fees for which are paid at the Boyal Infirmary, and of the third session of

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advanced stages of the disease, there is usually incontinence — that is, a reflex

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occiput and the arms. Besides this, there are paresthesia and a numb feeling

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tion of the pulse, goiter, and exophthalmus, was first carefully described in

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Clinical History. — From the variations which the

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in possession of a diploma in Medicine or in Surgeiy for at least two

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rence between their first entrance fee and that for any longer period.

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tdogy (two winters) — ... 1.30... 1.80... — ... 1.80... —

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black. The fatty globules formed by this degeneration are taken up by indi-

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thereafter, producing to the Connoil of the said Boyal College evidence of his

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neuritis, beginning with pains in the region of the shoulder. After acute

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If the injection treatment prove unsuccessful, we should not delay too long

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with the medical students, and, at the end of the year, passing the

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interpret correctly the results of professional analysis. The kinds of

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