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were promptly cared for, all escaping pose, and it is asserted unsurpassed in
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Here we observe changes in the morphology of the basis
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culosis, as well as in various diseases of the liver and stomach.
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views : no trace of spermatozoa could be found. The testicles diminished
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amount of, and to changes in the contents of the vitreous chamber, which
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dead white, and the edges are not so sharp. The border of the
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albumose reaction, according to Senator, speaks strongly in favor of
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are: 1. That opium, conjoined with mercury, in the treatment of bad chancres,
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time and trouble to visit medical publishers, in search
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Nottingham Hi. 5, Portsmouth 1.5. li, Shuliield 2:i,',l, .Suiulerlaud
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not exhibited any specitic form of scrofulous disease, under circum-
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instances, to the throat, and occasionally diarrhoea.
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general one, but is only an addition to other thcra]ieutic
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strychnia, with stimulation when required, the patient's general condition was
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blood, which also flowed freely from the sinuses of the dura mater.
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peared, and in November, about four months subsequent to
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Thus when one wishes to operate on a veeico-vaginal fistula or on a lacerated
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j;enerally be cured by one or more of the following de-
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Clinical Remarks. — There is an operation for the relief
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tionate to its elimination of an existing endocervical
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volume. From this moment the temperature went steadily down;
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artery. The parts were diffluent, and no atheroma of the vessels could be
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But in a large number of cases, no such hints for treatment are ^-
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biliary obstruction, occasionally becomes smaller, and softens, and that,
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dividuals, that for my part, I cannot doubt that many of the
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Paralysis Following Measles. — (P. A. Lop, M. D., Gazette des Hdpi-
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effort. To these are added the objective signs of peri-
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the edge of the wound, and the cavity thus carefully filled. The rest of the dress-
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HiGGixs, AcBRAY F., acting assistant surgeon, is relieved from
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Prognosis. — In the atrophic form the outlook is highly unfavorable.