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It is equally effective, and to some may be more palatable

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*' In the case of chorea proceeding to mania, we have to note that the cere-

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served. The extirpation of both lobes of the thyroid

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in some patients. The so-called citrate of caffein is the form of

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September, 1909. The animal had stood in water up to its body

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seven or eight months ; four repeatedly inhaled great quantities

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fever. In many cases of chronic cirrhosis of the liver, as Whipple, etc., 15

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of faecal effusion and the occurrence of peritonitis. To prevent

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average of 70 to be allowed to pass. As to the gen-

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Besides the six cases reported here, I have six more at

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tion, (d) Corrosive poisons, (e) Malignant growths. (/) Diseases

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history. It concerns two characters mentioned in the Homeric

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suture, as appUed to this class of injuries, have always been

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gross change found postmortem is a hyperplasia of the lymphoid tissue in

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follows: A piece of the dried cord is washed in saline to remove

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Arctinus, a Greek poet, who wrote on the destruction

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infections of the attic, the mastoid antrum and cells, the laby-

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reasonably be concluded that uncertainty must always exist re-

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Injuries of the Colon. — Laceration of the Colon. — Sometimes, but

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the mesenteric glands become torpid, inflamed, obstructed, and proceed to sup-

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mentioned. On the evening of the latter, the pain in the joints had con-

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in carbolic acid (1-20) for at least ten minutes before operation,

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opinion is our greatest asset. The Public Health Journal urges each

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supra-orbital foramen, shoots over the superciliary ridge, and spreads

amitriptyline tablets 25mg side effects

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