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major surgery is controversial. It should be noted, however, that the impaired ability of the heart to

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Rarer cases of either class — such as, for example, tubercular

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for children. But he would remind the author that the Woolwich figures began

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with eighteen pounds of blood would require one hundred and thirty-

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everybody believes that a pain is the evidence of a " cold "

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called upon the following day to go into the air to fight

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aromatic odour. Within the shell is a hard, spherical,

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specimen carefully heated (three quarters to one minute) until bubbles

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symptoms that come after the use of atropin and epincphrin. The

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it there arise a number of alveolar protrusions and short tubules. In the


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times, however, medical officers only accompany the troops to whom

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ities, were attacked within twenty-four hours, on visiting the city. Dr. Cain,

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in Rush Med. Coll., &c. &c. Chicago, 1851. (From the Author.)

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sibility should always rest with the patient. But when it

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to attain the highest quality and widest range of X-ray studies provides

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of the stomach ; other causes are enumerated by systematic writers, but

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with the washed red blood corpuscles of a sheep. Strong, vigorous

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to make a pad five centimeters by two centimeters. By means of

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lieved to contain the principal authorities upon the disease at first denom-

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patient, agreed that it was best to delay any operation, as there

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general professional excellence, ''What can an intelligent

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ted. If the tumor could have been excised, would it have been

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subject. Eosenstein recognizes an acute nephritis as a result of

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bridge-builders in the world, and if more than half the new

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Progress : During the time the infant was under observation, it did not

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it is important that antozone should be pur- > Hospital at Liverpool, whose sufferings, in

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The shock of a surgical operation may be a cause of insanity (vide art. p.

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nochan, of the State Emigrant's Hospital, New York,

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alone produce. Epidemics would probably not often occur were it not fo"^,

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The Vircrrida: are the civets, genets, paradoxures, and ichneu-

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heard and perceived as such, awaken no intelligent conception. This disturbance