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are known as the fat acids. Only the most important members of

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duce a state of things the reverse of that pre-existing in the system, is

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ple is fastened; three of these plates are fastened into each

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Behrenburg. L. p. H., assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence fo;

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conditions did not seem to justify doing so. A few months later

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Having thus formally stated the conditions intrinsic and

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upon the forms and methods of multiplication of microbes, on their

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is danger of injury from an imperfectly constructed tube

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tion when once these causes are'known, and I pass to

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pĀ»pan. 10 Gac 11 heo op sumum mannum pop pf 12 je-

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Cigarettes can be smoked by adults with as much im-

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the Rebecca Babbitt Pavilion, the gift of Mrs. Clarence M.

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discharges. But as the water was thus rendered undrinkable,

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- that any oioitcnicnt, or ilii ! HigliL uf su t n e

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and assimilated chiefly in the intestinal tract. But, thou^ the patioit

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for criticism should infection or hemorrhage set in ; the former would

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In the morning at 11 o'clock the Association convened in Verandah Hal).

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lowed. First some corpuscles are unhealthy, then one-

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ment as I, and ma^ consider it unnecessary to quote it ;

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established. The regular winter course opens at Chattanooga on the

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may be caused by local suppuration or by effusion of pus into the arach-

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morbific poison ; by the introduction of pure air, by ablu-

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animal experimentation this atrophy of the testicles following alcoholic

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given statistical reports of amputations, and when so much

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work is practical, and contains no pathology ; and this omission

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transparent end reaction. This result is also partly due to

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sometimes to make apparent in this way the location of veins, in which

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descriptions of the natural processes by which the flow of blood from in-

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recommended for inducing general anesthesia we know

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and one day, 1 ; one month and two days, 1 ; one month and four days,

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woman to hold the position of Dean, and the moving spirit

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subject will be read at each meeting. The Society has

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violence of the case, different remedies are applica-

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*' A Chapter in tlie History of Cliolera." Line 4 from the end. read '* //i/n/-

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F.R.CSE.. of Whetstone, to Victoria, widow of the late J. Atcheler.

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kinds recommended, none of which, perhaps will do harm, or good, and

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exudation betAveen it and the retina. The choroid and corpus

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the part of the bone marrow, but the type of cells varied to a

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before the drops began to fall," now why should I reply to