Entocort Rektal Colitis Ulcerosa

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cosis. It should be given in large doses; 50 to 150 grains (3.75 to 10 gm.)

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me; but still duty said drink, and I did; and he then drank another. The

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hygienic and medicinal treatment. A special stress was laid

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" giant " was able to resume his work and games. His vision markedly

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essential or ultimate condition is hyperesthesia of the deep urethra or sphincter

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A new edition of Sir William Gowers' work on medical ophthal-

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Laboratory Facilities: These consist of a single room called

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ored to constantly keep this in view while formulating these

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these is of the utmost consequence; for the improper selection of

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cause of disease had been well established; that they

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utmost importance, as it is the chief cause of the very appre-

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twelve years after inoculation. Dr. Burne relates the case of a

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squill, senna, senega, stillingia, etc., but it is only a

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dead in the ward. At the post-mortem examination no immediate

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the simpler, but it involves the danger of peritoneal infection by the septic

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ered vitality of the tissues, so that they ulcerate under the least irri-

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of cases of this dreadful disease so simple and so painless.

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how it works should be occasionally examined by a physician or a

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comprehensive fringe benefit program, 4 0-hour week and

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anterior when applied, should be cut in a semicircular shape to the

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cancer. As a rule, cancer when seated in the stomach is primary ; that

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the infected tissue. In one of the cases reported in my

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correct. It showed whether or not congenital murmurs

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ing the abdomen with an infusion of digitalis of about

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was never, I fancy, left in peace for long by the other men of my household.

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being more limited than that for any of the other colors. The patch

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down as a cure without operation, when that same case followed out may be

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ther, that injections of fresh pus produce even a higher temperature than do

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due to the tension caused by the growth of the tumour, for, eventually, I

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of an offered prize he was made to work too hard ; his health