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which interfere with the freedom of movements; besides, the papered walls

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of new and insulated facts or passing suggestions and remarks. We

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dosage should be gradually reduced and the patient carefully monitored. In addition,

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divided into two parts: Educational and Engineering.

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fect the system, and produce all the varied phenomena of the respective

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make him a scholar at 17 r " Ay, there's the rub again ; but

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various attempts — many of them unsuccessful — have

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my patient was temperate in all things — a young, wealthy, thriving farmer,

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your correspondents' views, I would beg space to reply

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know, when heat or cold, or pressure or irritation of

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lungs is practically the same after the crisis as it was before. Per-

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deavored to carry out as strictly as practicable aseptic,

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as are also its incapsulation and indiuation of the affiected lung through

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msnt has failed ; sometimes affording a trifling mitigation,

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spiratory movements at 30 to reach the same result.

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to understand and to prescribe for every disease. He

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He then took passage on board the Antelope, for Middle-

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Innsbruck (1878), 1879, ix, 110- 112. — Owen (E.) Cases

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the auricles or of the ventricles ; origin of the aorta and

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caused by an unknown specific virus contained in the saliva, characterized

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Case 2. — Splenectomy for pernicious anemia. — The second patient, Mr. B.,

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That the bladder may be much and long distended, from re-

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the mines of California and the neighboring state of Nevada were in-

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keep the parts clean, the patient died a week later. The post-mortem

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tures containing cane sugar. Chains of conidia loosely divei^ent, long; conidia

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dium of a sailor in the desert ; a brass band under the

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are as follows : Hygienic regulation of food, dress and

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The prognosis is good. Rest and protection decreases the

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there was hypertrophy or atrophy of the brain. This view was based

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