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what are the elTeots of drug medication in such conditions, then, and

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catheters. Such accidents must, of course, be sedu-

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method of getting thinner consists in gradually withdraw-

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The simplicity of the operation, and its remarkable effective-

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the culmination of all calamity. ' Doc ' is a catastro-

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lowish-white opaque zone which, toward the cartilage, has a sharply

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we advance cautiously and safely to the required degree of action,

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in markedly anemic cases. In these the anemia of the individual

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First, numerous hospital closings during the past few

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brain symptoms, together with severe pain, which never is absent,

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quackery of every shade ; much less, then, are we ex-

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A sprained ankle can not be protected and cared for too ener-

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acquired under the influence of bad hygiene — as living in a dark,

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ble than the solutions in sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

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The optic disks were normal. Roentgen-ray examination revealed normal selh.

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and somnolence, following which the body temperature shoots up to

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bilious fluid. On examination of the chest 1 made out a distinct

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conscious of only a very gradual increase of strength. The


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confidence of the Copenhagen and Vienna physicians.

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ounces was removed, and the stricture broken up ; ulcer-

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k morsk. sborniku, St. Petersb., 1892, v, 259-269. — Pas-

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Banister, J. M., Captain and Assistant Surgeon (Fort Adams,

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diminishes in frequency^ as do also the heat of skin and

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CommilUe of Arrangement$ for the £n- Hosane of the Philadelphia Hospital, Blockley

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frecjuently be insinuated within the inguinal canal,