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cine, and of Fractures and Dislocations, in Bellevue Hospi-

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than to give mercury ; and when it is given it should be

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Sec 17. That the regulations for the government of dairies and dairy farms

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vaporized oil will return through the opposite nostril ; if adenoids are

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With regard to his mental condition, so far as can be judged

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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers

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banquet hall, where covers were laid for over a hundred, and able

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loses much of its value in not being completed according to the

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the aid of antiseptics in these cases I would have hesitated to open into so im-

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balloons or tubes, it has a field of usefulness in over-

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Diagnosis. — Apoplexy resembles profound sleep, but the sleeper

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Leipzig: F. C. W. Vogel, 1889. Pp. viii-164. [Preis, 6 Mark.]

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derneath ulcerated. The asphyxia had continued, and

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condition and not a pregnancy. I then called in Dr. Vance

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with proper selection of the preparation, and care in

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the last in the order in which I give them. The first

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true typhoid bacillus pneumonia. He also quotes a case of Widal

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in the nasal ciiambers), while the great majority allow

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20. Campbell, British Med. J., Nov. 1, 1902, page 1420.

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ported by the fact that all the three sickened very shortly .after one

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Every-Day Physioeogv. — The weight of a full-grown

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as pathologically of a gouty character, and the gouty diathesis is often

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not obtained, and even when fluid was injected in excess, the pressure remained •

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cuts off that of other structures, its extremity must be

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five months; Dr. Einger's case, eight months. These periods

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protest with all needful vehemence against the attribu-

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Genus 8: Aedeomyia: Distinguished from /Edes by — (1) Head

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general as in strictly learned society, may be clearly understood,

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to offspring in the different workhouses. Between New Year's Day,

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the urinary passages. Pus itself was greenish, and in the pre-


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1. The obstetrical conjugate, which is measured from

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iced examination of the colon, more particularly by light percussion, will indi-

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years respectively. The indication for operation in

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ing of the paper, in which several members took part,

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seen his thirtieth case, which he believed to be an unusual num-

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cologists. — The following is the programme of the fourth

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ing it inexplicable and unaccountable, and, finding he still continued

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posture detected a slight fulness, hardly perceptible, in

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gow M. J., 1899, li, 341-351. |; Discussion ], 435.— Elias-