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power of their serum, an hypothesis which is based on cer-
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agaric, a fermenting drink with which the Kamschatkadales often make
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Norway no nurse nor any medical man in attendance on lepers has,
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prostration becomes so extreme that the patient frequently slips down in
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The details of the experiments on transfusion, and especially of transfusion
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Urine. — The urine was examined for albumin in thirty-five of
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objected that so prolonged a boiling would not only kill the
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will tolerate a brace extending above the level of the shoulders;
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essential difference in the two kinds of practice is, that circumstances which !
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had the disease two years ; arsenic was prescribed, and within three weeks
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Building, East Concord St., Thursday evening, March 2, 1893.
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Wisconsin Society, in order to attend the Telephone/
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before the Surgical Section of the American Medical Associa-
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Pathological Anatomy. — In perineuritis the connective tissue around
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Legal Medicine. By CnAELES Metmott Tidt, M. B., F. C. S.,
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senting gelatinous granulations. Ultimately, in about five weeks' time,
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or satisfy his fixed determination to accomplish it.
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The instrument may pass the constriction with a jerk, or it may not only be
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the muhitude of symptoms, morbid sensations, and nervous shocks, that
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are dressed in overalls and caps, and while in the wards
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with that operation. Improved methods of diagnosis,
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niann it was 98. Future studies will have to show what variations
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psicbiat. [etc.], Torino, 1896, xvii, 314.— Cliaiiibard (E.)
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it will probably be ready for occupancy late in the
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age, but the young do not escape ; a little boy aged ten
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become vascular, opaque, thickened, and ultimately dry and
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the Alpine snows had a value to John Tyndall beyond its
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pulse — i.e., the frequency with which the ovarian vein was
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of potassium is added, in fifteen to twenty grain doses for an adult should be al-
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one half inches in circumference. This was worn for
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per cent. Correspondingly high rates for 1918 would give measles much
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fprintf(outfp, "\nRotation of joint 4 (Euler definition: Z-Yaw) : %8.31f