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the physician, the pharmacist, and the nurse of modern times.

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new scheme for the management of the above College. Their

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and in another by this author (case 29), there was numbness of the

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and the three phenomena may co-exist — fecal tumour, excessive

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These considerations will make it easier to understand the causes of

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what to examine, as Avell as what may possibly be found in all

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Atropia is found to prolong the chloral narcosis several hours in rabbits,

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* E. A. Shaffer, in Brain, Vol. XVI., 1893, pp.134 to 168, and Panl Cams Primer of Philosophy,

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chronic exhausting disease, especially tuberculosis ; in the majority of acute

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kept out,) and while in it, the fleece to be well rubbed. When

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develops, substitute a thiazide alone. If spironolactone is

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this infection from the green, yellowish, odorless pus,

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the base of the pyramids, ai'e changed into firm, pale, round-cell tissae,

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tion, but the key-stone and binding link of our all knowledge regard-

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is not considered an adequate cause for divorce, so the man ought not to pay

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that if paraffin is injected while in a very fluid condition it is

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there is no doubt Uiat it may occur later than is often

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Water is one of the most difficult operations in chemistry. The diffi-

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of the total quantity imported ; so it does still ; but Portu-

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seems improbable that it could appear sporadically, as it does, without having

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Military Hospitals oJ France, and contains absolutely

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some balance between our current system, which pro-

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had escaped injury. The X-ray revealed an oblique tibial fracture

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3Z» I St H O INT E! S T ID I S I* 313 T«<r SI r<T C3- .

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changes, and circulate in the sap in the form of amino- acids

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bleeding permanently, in spite , of his having already taken

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is the same thing, between the disadvantage avoided and the disadvantage

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tion. There is no mucous membrane to spare. The deformity itself

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earlier investigations of Brieger, Kitasato, Wassermann, Half kine

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closed without drainage. The patient did as well as an

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To this I would add (9,) Paroxysmal tachycardia, a neurosis of the

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with its parasitology. How essential 'this knowledge is may be

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had been for some months in New York, and said that he was

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Sausage Poison. — The symptoms caused by sausage-poison partake of a

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and lead to a strict supervision of the child. It may well be, too, that

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and numerous extravasations are found through the parenchyma. So

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there. Cotholendy relates that an infant, which had taken the disease AA'hile

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ceps. No. 636285; Nov. 7, 1899. — Richter (G. F.) Sur-

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ous pockets of pus ; operation without benefit ; miliary

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upon the loss of albumin from the blood (hypo-albuminosis), but we

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desks ought to be abolished, and arm-chairs substi-

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much so that she could only utter indistinct, inharmonious, disagreeable

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our army is therefore, in my view, the correct designation to apply

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diagnosis of erythema is made by the seat of disease, the