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s.,v, 225 —White (R. P.) Fracture of the neck of the fe-
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pay attention to the anatomical changes, which we should be
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tious, but caused by dietary deficiency ? In the first place it will be at
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able to the ovary, uterus, meter, kidney, or the deep struct-
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urine is free from sugar. Under these circumstances,
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The latter operation does not alter the position of the foot — it allows
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intestinal mucosa and some free. (From Jefferys and Maxwell.)
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sufficient compensatory power to overcome the obstacle offered
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the same time a purulent discharge from the corresponding nostril
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is rounded in shape, with seven segments and an eighth anal appen-
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be deceptive. Human wisdom is not infallible ; and doctors are
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placed together in water, but they immediately sank to the bottom. The
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In the first ten months of the year 1864, the wind blew from
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and cracker this morning with relish. Dress lower end of wound, and
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said "dropsy of the face." Nothing referable to the throat
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1020; sugar and albumen absent. The heart, lungs, and
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" Of courfe, the fame attention and afliduity in the exhibition
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to the combination of the two valuable agents. When we have thus
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the performance of their proper functions. Perspiration so
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Indeed, if we had convenient English names for the ^jg/i^ mal and the liaut
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dolman, and declining, on the plea of pressing duty, the
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tule du canal de M6non. Marseille m6d., 1899, sxxvi,
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We hail every thing which may tend to the elucidation
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notch on a straight line drawn from the top of one percussion wave
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In his " Clinical Lectures on Acute Diseases," published a little more than two years
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dernentia in melancholia is less than many other form of in-
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quent presence of "' hemorrhagic spots," and erosions of the septum caused
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that interfered with this function was the loading up of
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worth while to occupy your time with speaking of it.
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other treatment not strictly surgical. The operation which
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of singularity or whim; but, I have a moral aversion to funeral pomp, and 1
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ing the second stage — that of purulent secretion —
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Causes. — Dilatation, or ektasia, is a uniform enlargement of the
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gus. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the foregoing
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Dr. Ricord remarked that the practice of syphilisation arose
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the atmospheric pressure can be reduced to any degree correspond-
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ference.' He now substitutes the ' New-England Conference.' His own
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mented ? And why are experiments in pathology to be constant-
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Dr. H. T. Dalgleish, of Vevay, Ind. ; The Neurasthenic
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phites are converted into sulphates. The residuum, dissolved in water,
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