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The precipitate is again separated by filtration, and the liquid boiled in a porce-

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very. In twenty-four of the cases the cephalotribe was used, and

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XV. Observations on the Pathology and Treatment of Joint

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in two separate parts, of which the first has only as yet appeared,

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by Grafe ('Arch. f. Ophth.,^ xii, 2, s. 114 — 149) to which we

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distended so as to reach above the umbilicus, its walls thick and hard,

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lesion of disease. As a rule a dose of vaccine causes no

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contract for the doctor's services by the month or year.

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operated accordingly. The effect of the operation was the instant removal of

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a branch of the middle cerebral on the left side of the

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I venture to throw out some considerations, as a contribution to

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muscle is richly supplied with vasomotor nerves, the

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1841.] Markoe's Report of Cases in New York Hospital. 329