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Hydrops Articulorum Intermittens. — This is the name of a very rare dis-
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6. In some cases the mental disturbances (dementia) are so prominent that
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16. The position of the candidates on the list of Surgeons will be determined
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a new certificate of proficiency ; in this case he need pass the final
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On raising and, still more noticeably, on lowering the eyes, the corresponding
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have ourselves observed. In very rare cases the lancinating pains in tabes
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Hedioine under the first seotion, without having previously obtained the degree
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eral sensory (or mixed) nerve almost never causes total anaesthesia in the
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have an opportunity to examine the tumor carefully postmortem, we usually
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T the ocwi. .^is can .ione witn tU'er cold or ^ann milk. Cold clarification Is
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which the skin is so tightly stretched as to present lineae albicantes. The
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method of usage. The museum contains a large number of the very
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marked negativism, resisting all attempts which may be made to get him to
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eases of the vertebrae, such as caries, carcinoma, and actinomycosis; diseases
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and indefinite ones referable to the head, it may last a very long time. It is
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lively sensation of pain, often only after a few seconds. This phenomenon is
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Kornblee, Alwyn Travers, a, w, sp, Kansas City, Mo. S.B. (New York U.) '33; S.B.
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imown qualifications whatever, we have 1 doctor to every 600 inhabitants ;
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TuBKBY IN EuBOPE. — ^There is a medical school at Gonstantmople^
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soon becomes evident. The memory is usually very poor, although they may
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times motor-root symptoms (atrophic paralyses in definite muscular terri-
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Or that he has been registered and that his name has been erased from
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4 to. 7 Inche. for females. ^ from 2 to 4 Inches for mal/woms and
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Medical Jurisprudence. If the student selects the arrangement pre-
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and where the attack follows immediately upon the psychical excitement.
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which the increase of the connective tissue and the so-called " inflammatory "
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acquired frois taing the s^i4y suf^ will help jrmi {»rf6f^ the ^sslons
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tical Pharmacy. The candidate must produce a certificate from a
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of Anatomy upon recommendation of the professors in charge of neuro-anatomy and
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Universities as are specified, or unless he shall, before or at the time of
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attendance for two years at a dental hospital or the dental department
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of note that the muscles that always act bilaterally (frontal muscles, muscles
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fold of skin at the epicanthus, the cheeks red, the hands short, stumpy, and
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imiStjfit of acid has developed, the whey is rerrioyed from the vat by a process called
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baen less suffering if they had the foresight to bring milk cows with thein when they
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sensory disturbances ( anesthesias) are found frequently enough, and particu-
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The temperature shows the same tendency to elevation as in the severe
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only of the spastic paralysis of the legs, which is by far the most frequent
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pass subject chosen. Any or all of the above subjects may be taken,
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Schamber, Walter Fred, s, a, w, Parkers Prairie, Minn. S.B. (U. of North Dakota)
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Meningitis, for the lesions are similar. The only way to determine whether a
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geology; they should also obtain knowledge of the general principles of microscopical
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tions of the same family, or in several brothers and sisters. Other anomalies
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