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was exclusively surgical, as for instance, by extirpation, caustics,

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the individual attacks to the development, maturation, and reproduc-

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the eye by the use of the Rontgen-rays that is, I be-

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this was vigorously opposed by many, especially by some mem-

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were limited to the larger curvature ; the organ at this part was

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tendency to indulgence in fat-forming articles of diet, puberty, and the

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Instructors. — Mr. W. H. Waddell, Practical Chemis-

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these reasons the view has become generally accepted that the toxic

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Real medical science may be said to have begun with rational

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tubes marked D were inoculated immediately after sterili-

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How the Defects of Heredity may be Best Overcome. By Chas W. Ing^raham, M.D., Bin^*

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patient rallied well from the first hemorrhage but forty-five minutes

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rollers on the outside of the wooden frame is a thick close

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" fine spun theory" about the interruption to the pul-

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but I was unable to get it above this limit, though the hot

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Child Development for children of many families without

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occupies about eighteen days, via Brindisi and Bombay,

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signs, the diagnosis is less easy, and the disease is not unfrequently o^'er*

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e. An electro-physiological law of great interest, in the study of the phenomena of

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him no abscesses of the liver. Finger, of Prague, dissected 231

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and minute granules which resemble fat. At the end of a week the sporo-

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in detail, illustrates a number of these complications,

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protoplasm, and pigment are hberated into the blood-stream,

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for this at first unaccountable phenomenon. The reader, if not satisfied

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plications of the forceps in delivery, and these cases.

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and upper extremities and the chest, being sustained in going

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swelling on the left side was almost pure blood, or rather

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Anleitung zur Klinische Untersuchung und Diagnose. Von Dr. Med. Richard

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the volume of a real fibrous tumor " (Scanaoni). ** We have never obtained any sen-

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more likely to result from a septic than from an aseptic otorrhoea, and in

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quinia; even the conunercial salt is as efficacious as

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valescence, nor allow to be admitted any new scholars without

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of the lens ; R, margin of the lens ; F, margin of the ciliary processes ;

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or one and a half inches right round the upper two-thirds