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winter and summer, are very favorable locations, however, despite their

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These data have, as might be expected, been already used by

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tests as the dogs experimentally inoculated with B. hronchicanis

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ally all deny a knowledge of the offence. This matter I leave with

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Cast 3, taken from amputation immediately below the trochan-

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condition for continued activity. An experiment made some years

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when death occurs more slowly, and when time is given for blood

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too, a want of power to collect the ideas so as to interfere somewhat

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spontaneous contraction. In other cases, Mr Quain considers that

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The conclusion Dr Ritchie came to was, that the fluid had been in

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fession in this country to bring nitrous oxide gas into general favour.

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wards occupying the whole breadth of the building. Wards of t"josg(j

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a couple of pints of sero-purulent fluid, which had principally

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Pulmonary apoplexy, in which rupture of the pulmonary tissue

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resort finca rosa blanca coffee plantation and inn

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employs digitalis for broken compensation, no matter what the lesion, and

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best period, and for six hours he did not require a dose, but diffi-

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patient being put to bed in a sitting or a half sitting position to aid

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work on the Diseases of Women, placing only 14 out of 51 cases

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account of disease of the tarsus and its articulations, especially in-

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isolated in pure culture in the early stages; and that the symptoms

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possible to determine relative values or carbolic acid coefficients,

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painful, became comparatively easy, feverish heat declined, eruption

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some as long as half a year. At this time the governor of the north

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waters (Carlsbad) are to be given. (See Therapy of Gout, p. 243.)

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from the Sanitary Research Laboratory and Sewage E.xperiment Station of the Massa-

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Similarly, at the old Ancon corral, from which several of the

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the symbiosis occurring in the mouth is one of fusiform bacilli

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atom of hydrogen as an axis of the structure, kept down by five atoms

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has bitten before) in the thigh. The fang punctures were at once

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doses, it shows no signs of irritating the mucous membrane of the

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of the disease as well as for the name "spotted fever." In sections

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to the spark which gave rise to it. Man tainted with cholera is the

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was raised by the earth obtained in carrying out the excavation.

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caused fatal reactions, which were characterized by a rapid course

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so that this right extremity of the transverse cranial diameter be-

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I think opium should not be employed. Diarrhoea is one of nature's

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rymate and partly closed. The temperature usually falls 1° to

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wood employed as fuel. These expedients were evidently employed

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the sides are lined with wet filter paper. A number 2 cover-glass

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