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gives rise to a small amount only of ascitic effusion, which in itself is

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the upper arm ; the flexors and extensors of wrist and fingers, and thenar and

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been recognized by oculists, etc." " Endlyopia does not

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plicated apparatus. A fatal result is generally attributable to the incisions

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in the great mass of cases. Wine is justly regarded as the chief, and

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cause of this accident was the abnormal distension of the lower segment of

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Treatment. — The essential treatment of diabetes mellitus is dietetic. The

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and hence the prevalence of the disease in these establishments. It

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ments of special cases. As a disciple of Sigmund of

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state the case of jaundice, as it is known by observation up to the present date. . . . The

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increasing mental deterioration marks the almost invariable course to

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kingdom were in the shape of powders. This primitive notion

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compensatory activity of the marrow. Later the same toxins

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the inflammation before the remedy was used, he ob-

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transitory, and was followed by rapid decline terminating in

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hospital, shall be awarded the diploma of ' Licentiate in Homoeop-

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Gullet fat: Fat at base of tongue that remains attached to the gullets when

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full and entire confession of his guilt, to his late

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other unsuitable bodies in ill-directed attempts to relieve choking,

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should be exposed for what he called " that horrible

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weather, whilst its outlet is well below the crown of the road, so that

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various animals, and was thus able to prove that the spinal cord of a monkey

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Aggliitinin formatio'n. — The organism was not agglutinated

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manner, the thick scum formed upon the urine after standing.

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J that they may be thoroughly sterilized before each using.

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