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Fitch C. E. Mattison, Pasadena, and Dr. Charlotte Baker, San

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Zion itself, and under circumstances that it seems pos-

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with these symptoms, it is an unwarrantable assumption that


Onaiacol Treatment of Acute Qonorrheal Epididymitis.

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after very long periods, but when so conveyed it soon disappears

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making even the hot days agreeable. On this account

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needless to say does not apply to my method of oper-

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perate was his condition that Dr. .Matthews, of Chicago, who

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Paul the meeting of the Association at the Springs in 1902.

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suppuration and close the sinuses as quickly as possible,

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the Pennsylvania Railroad and connecting lines direct to Chi-

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the passengers since diphtheria was not classed as a "quaran-

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Experiments on Fresh Cadaver In Relation to Suppurative Otitis

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Ten years ago, while working very hard in a wholesale drug-

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practically so. The special train, or trains, will leave St. Paul

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and the kidney a narrow band was found constricting it. The

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was an appropriate one since the discovery of this disease had

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benefited in highest degree are the overworked, melan-

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.seems still to be, despite the above papers and the very

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Pathology of Infantile Myzidiocy, Sporadic Cretinism

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are allowed to waste their opportunities for treatment until the

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Sbc. 6. — All business of each annual meeting shall be com-

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cases exhibiting few and limited lesions, and 3, cases presenting

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factory and the question of reciprocily a much simpler

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Tennessee : Memphis, April 20, May 4, 40 cases. 2 deaths ; Naab-

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Case 185. — Operator, Roberts, 1892. Dorsal region : duration, 1

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• l^atea to go to St. Paul and do everything in their power to-

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as bromocoll and first suggested by H. Brat. The alkaline

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2. Treatment of Strabismus ; Measures Other than Operative.

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Island, N. Y., William H. Corbusler, major and surgeon U. 8. .*..,

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the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company, that where

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loss of appetite, he has frequently seen a pronounceid increase

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house at Marcus Hook, capable of accommodating 500 persons.

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and probably one osteoma ; 2, septic infections, includ-

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can be doubly everted, a horizontal incision will be made in

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every twenty minutes for three or four doses; the administra-