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opening, which serves to drain the cavity in a backward direction. Pus

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land included 18 centenarians. He mentions that at ages

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ilit-houses, institutions, etc.) cannot be successfully denied, and we may

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experience of hydropathic establishments, where it is made a part of

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I^inke (T.) Valve. No. 568858; Oct. 6, 1896.— I^loyd

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the operator exliibited that virtue not alwaj^-s possessed by

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unwonted rapidity, and emaciation and debility tend to supervene in a

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In order that as much arterial blood as possible may enter the brain,

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it is not only eminently becoming for it to acknowledge,

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says that in morbid states there are certain conditions

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labor to ‘Tear down” might well be discontinued.

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upper lip. Careful tests of smell and taste made by Dr. Ham-

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apparatus could be discarded. The ischiadic or perineal crutch

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that hunting is fully as cruel and far less j ustitiable a persecution

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and this is favoured by too rapid tying of the pulsating cord, or by placing

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organ to another, or from the organs through this system to the cerebro-spinal, and

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2 Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, 1898, Ixxxi, 301.

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opinion that there is a definite relationship between the thyroid atrophy

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deaths. Predisposition in dengue, and the same may be said of influ-

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lungs, etc. There is likewise a close relationship to the planets, to

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standard to be adopted by them. Of course, a reform

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language — English, French, and German respectively. I have permitted myself to

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modern doctor-scientist, taking as his motto "Casus rerum cognoscere,"

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media outside the animal body. Kanthack (Allbutt's System of

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can Medical Aasociation, and reprints, together resident physicians always in at-

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the cheeks smooth, the ears shrunken, the eyes expressionless, and the

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The affections responsible for the production of processes of the

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the sputum either before or after my examination. After I

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Sciences for April, has suggested the present article. It relates chiefly to

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for the veritable "arsenal of facts" that he has left on