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seventeen deaths occurred. If temperature is the cause why this dis-

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urea-splitting capacity of any organism identified.

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gram on large-screen, closed-circuit television. It

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would have done it ; but this means was never to be resorted

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were many small, round, white, raised areas through-

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It is the policy of the Special Committee on Infant

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cians but the teachers and parents of children with

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presented all the symptoms of peritonitis, resulting from perforation and

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15. J. Kubik: Klin. Monatsbl. of Augenh., 1925, Vol. 74,

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One of the oldest private schools of its kind in the

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uterus. The placenta was adherent to the intestines,

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inclined to answer in the aflirmative. In the first stage of in-

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shield offence against punishment, St. Giles's and the Five Points

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this period, and we think we are a well vaccinated pop-

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has been claimed for viratrum veride, yet we have seen enough

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20. Have they interfered with your usual occupations?

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* The term “changes” includes depressions of the ST segments and/or depressed amplitude or inversion of the T waves,

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taneously. Domez wrote that the pathology was in the

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2. D. C. Lyons: Dental Problems of the Pre-School Child

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over the kidney or ascending colon area as indicated in

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F. Barker, and the new idea in personal post-graduate

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dissection of the lower lobe is that, if possible, more

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cases, however, mentioned in the Bible — ^that of Sarah, and

telmisartan hydrochlorothiazide combination therapy in the treatment of essential hypertension

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seldom given to the recognition of carcinoma in in-

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fee. He need only give up drinking caffein. As you know,

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tective against small pox, and is in fitvor of returning to inoc-

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interesting tables and diagrams and its contents are

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in the fifth generation adolescence has been attained in

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Child with Paralysis of All Four Extremities,” will

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specifically to pregnancy, therapeutic abortion might be

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incubating when vaccined, and sufficiently matured to modify

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Beach. Telephone: Rye 7-0550 Write for illustratioe booklet.

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than to either drug used alone. The tasty chocolate-