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Sacro Coccycjeal Teratoid Tumour tvith Formation of Metastases

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common salt diffuses into water twice as fast as Epsom

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deterioration in the health of the patient and oftentimes by

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nerve cells in every part of the body and similarly with

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favor of giving the patient the benefit of whatever doubt

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nual Report in May. The duty of this Committee as defined by

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started another called the London Vaccine Institution.

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Pleurisy is sometimes though rarely met with. It is most fre

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cases and those patients unable to find work amongst the poor

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Spleea not enlarged and shows small whitish spots. Smears from the

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ment of the canals. The Haversian canals are much enlarged

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Ovarian Cysts in Colored Women with Notes on the Rela

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The autopsy showed the brain to be healthy except at two

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liquid or powdered antiseptic can be applied to or within the folds

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Several days afterward the patient was suddenly seized with a feeling of

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In another place when touching on this subject we referred to the

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of individuals in good health means both a very large economic sav

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A. For pain following burns and scalds nothing gives

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