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would place the elevation of temperature. The recog

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introduced elevated and pinioned at the point desired.

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Four cases are reported by F. J. Shepherd who states that

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As I am on the subject of pneumonia it may be necessary to

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oil coats over the mucous membrane and lessens the acid secretion.

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charts attached to this case illustrate graphically the general condition

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mining the exact nature of the morbid product and that the power

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fever. Remittent fever is excluded by the absence of rciuisMons i

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IkkIj the genital glands masses of cells lying on the

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was reduced to a tablespoonful to avoid the sense of crowding

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Diagnosis. This is made from the low degree of fever the peculiar

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goitrous subjects are often more sensitive to the drug than

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there are nausea and vomiting and the patient is collapsed. The perspiration

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formed. They conclude that olive oil seems to prevent the

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too sensible to endure altogether that follv with its un

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prevent a soldier from drinking outside of the bar

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is said to take place by the lymphatics and bloodvessels of the spermatic

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would revolutionize the entire science and supplant every

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misunderstood by the public and ought to be altered. We are sorry

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Eoman fort recently excavated in the south of Scotland the occi

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In some cases the snaring of a polypus from the middle

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the thoracic aorta a tubercular nodule it was single round in shape

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parasites show the pear shape or occur in pairs many are single

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tion could not be more carefully dissected but it was observed

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and the staphylococcus pyogenes in about two per cent. he

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One of the Committee members pointed out that in mat

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diet in cases of convalescence consumption nervous prostration and similar

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which cut short the arthritis and so the pyrexia tend

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in relation to the education of both sexes. Abundant

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examined under the low power of the microscope the characteristic

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theoretical and therapeutical views on the subject are thus

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instances they were dividing and the cocci in some instances as if

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that in Undulant fever this mode is a rare one. Owing