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for the treatment of nervous diseases. In 1870, he went to Fish-
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disease was produced from some local cause immediately con-
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as a beverage supplied those food elements not found in corn or
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tissue. The upper lid was wholly everted and its free
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4. Dr. John Doppman presented an exhibit "Selective Arteriography of the
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at the disposal of the Society. The Toonan arrived at
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cents are found in the largest numbers. (In regard to the other
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panying tables. Summing up these we have twenty-five cases of sarcoma,
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of Chamblon, which are of the bronze period, must be at the least 3,300 years
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Tumor-building Osteitis Deformans (v. Recklinghausen). General
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For the Treatment of Ladies of the Higher Middle Classes suffering from
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the region of this fistula (circumscribed labyrinthitis). The con<lit j<in
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hood and maternity that have been assuaged and eased,
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and will hold an exalted place in history. The worthies
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upon the spinal cord, and increases its irritability without materially affecting the fhnctioas
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kind of convulsions, for although there may be cases of
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however, one of the hell modern writers on the difeafes of the
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the right leg to or beyond the knee, and the left arm bending in a half circle
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a toxic change of some kind in the blood. As a crucial experiment, blood was
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the passive voice. There should be no getting down on the knees
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streaks, and the lace of her chemise and the clocks of her stockings
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thin coats to the dura mater and to each other. Be-
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recesses along a capacious rubber tube leading from a
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are to be held quarterly, and the first stated meeting was held at Marion on the
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twui-n the superior and middle hemor- en off from the left colic, or a branch pf
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the modes of dealing with foetid conditions of the lung, empyema, liver
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illness. Ziemssen has recorded in detail three examples of this form of the
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such premonitions in the cases which I have observed. The premonitions
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manner from the patient who has been involved in a high-
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and eight in the lumbar muscles. Sometimes the tongue, sometimes
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rises. The cavity of the thorax is thus diminished, and the lungs
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aiid we made for him four instruments of various forms without