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could not appear for graduation and indorsement of diplo-
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diet, combined with attention to the cleanliness and asepsis of the skin.
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are subject to the whim of the patient and to the condi-
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The poor fellow raised his hands to heaven, -tore his hair,
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Harvard School of Tropical Medicine,* which has sent out several ex-
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of shares owned, and may vote in person or by proxy, subject to the provisions
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liberty hall. Educated amongst a people fond of " models," I
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It is believed that the infection is brought into the system along
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distension, and this distension, as I have shown, is the only
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iodoform or corrosive sublimate. German observers have used a 1 per
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Such a condition is rapidly intensified if injury be accompanied by severe
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Extracts of Malt are made from Barley alone, by the German process, which directs that the mash be heated
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villages, decay of home industries, migration into towns, high
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syphilis. Mr. Colles treated those cases persistently with mercury, and
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erinarian," who makes the remarks inclosed in brackets :
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has gi'own up to its natural level, as a support. Horny
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the liberty of either approving, or censuring, your ed-
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generally, it may be stated that the diagnostic side can be separated
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ing ; hybridizing, crossing, and selecting ; cultivation of
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empoison what little blood he may have left in his system, so that
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blessings; for she was a most religious, virtuous, loving,
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contained muco-pus, otherwise normal. The left pleura contained about three
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7. Heidenhain : On the Absorption o/Fatj see Sub. iv.
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Plant Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative. By G. Dragendorff,
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over the first rib and in that sense the first rib itself might cause pres-
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possibility of having to do with a condition such as I
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teis carptis curari : " If the womb, which lies upon
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investigations of the hidden causes of diseases that are constantly
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Our solicitude may be readily imagined when I refer to the evi-
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years ago, the encapsuled spherical bullet was situated near the
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symptoms. Albuminaria was discovered in September 1877,
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in spite of constant and powerful dissent, the cemetery
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the patient seldom takes place. It should be remarlied that so long as retro-
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work, hi i transfusion, etc A review of surgical anatomy Is
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milked, are very annoying, and the "theories" of how to
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Sodium bicarbonate : 3 gm. per hour, dissolved in cold water, until
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