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classes should apply to the Honorary Secretary, Post-Graduate Courses,
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and the Hudson Street Hospital ; Anesthetist to the Roosevelt Hospital.
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Other experiments could be related, but I think the above is
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is much more limited and uncertain, but Dr. Napheys
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Lond., 1888, ii, 790. — Perils (The) of football. Ibid.,
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patients which has lately been adapted, and an exclusive milk diet is
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The treatment is in every way preferable to the use
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layers of the rete Malpigliii are those chiefly affected. At first a clear ring
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thus studied 6 were diphtheria, 6 scarlet fever, 5 miliary
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be injected prior to the use of other antiseptics, stimulants
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tum, shown by the paper, it was sent also into the right
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Several distinguished medical gentlemen in this country have
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few of them belong to the neurotic type. In my experience
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He found precisely the same dry greenish or yellowish-brown patches as
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the continued habit of injecting morphia by unqualified persons at several
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ficial. In secondary hemorrhage, we have in the hot-