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without a risk of tearing and injuring the latter. This had

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the joint with a vesicating plaster of cantharides,

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means of preventing congestion or inflammation of the kidneys.

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enter the external meatus or opening to direct the sound-

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to understand spoken words, and a destruction of the infe-

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apparent, and is in part due to their skill in handling, for every now and

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To discuss these thoroughly would involve an analysis of nearly all

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and absorption of the exudate. In dogs the mouth may be opened

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(c) From an inherited neuropathy. Possibly the family cases known as

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point out some cases in which leeches may produce unfavorabfe results. We

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with small ulcers on the nasal septum of descendants of lepers, and

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and to a proportionate extent impairs some of its quali-

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ether and sublimate ; then a full antiseptic dressing was

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pendent on the diminution of fibrine and increase of

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is referred to the discussion of Purulent Meningitis.

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Divulsion of obstinate, strictures is rendered much

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may be required for the same process in the case of old people. The

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and a second one going through the parenchyma only.

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returned by vomiting. The annoyance caused by the continuously increasing disten-

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in conditions where a large amount of waste has to be con-

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can scarcely be too highly appreciated, for of all the materials hereto-

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in mind only such as can be completely and certainly

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the nerves, and the result of such influence might be-

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Instructor in Surgery and Anesthetist and Instructor in Anesthesia at

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to two factors — to the relatively poor quality of blood of pregnant

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the exquisite lifelessness of the patient. He was simply too weak

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but of course no text-book would include these untamed brutes

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symptoms rapidly, it evidently was not so efficacious or destruc-

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by uranium is similar quahtatively to the response which has been

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Sir Astley Cooper's case has already been referred to. Tn this the tendon

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would stand great injury, sufficient to entirely destroy tlieir