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little relief. For seven years she had used alcoholic

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Honorary Members, Medical Society of the State of North Carolina.. xv

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Fistula in ano, radical cure of. By E. C. Huse, M.D 187

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rise of temperature. (3) The intense oligocythemia. (4)

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sons for our distrust have heretofore been given. We believe, however, that

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AxTiQCiTY OF Man'. — Not many years ago it was thought highly ir-

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the spot between the crest of the ilium and the twelfth rib, for, in

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to refer to the writings of Dr. Koplik on the subject,* as follows:

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graphs the positions occupied by the various structures in

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they complained of was a sense of weariness; they were very

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ity to soar; their "superior pediculated appendage," as our friend Sysiphus

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with a brief notice of the leading facts illustrative of its etiology.

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of medicines in dissipating many of these formations.

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were for a long time almost the only affection studied under the

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a tendency to and actual development of diabetes, and its

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with in their transmission backwards — whether by the mere

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and knowledge of names of diseases merely, for the more troublesome task of

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the

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oped which may be of value in lessening the mortality from this

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are represented in these volumes. We regard it as particularly gratifying

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the position to be O. S. P., I decided to complete the

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of undecolorised coagulum in which the heart is enclosed, and by which

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the potential for an even greater impact on the practice)

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of arresting it, if a fair trial of simpler means fail to do so.

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seemed to have no pain, but suffered from slight shock and required stimulants.

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