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and paralysis of muscles. Med. News, Phila.. 1893, Ixi, 463.
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arteries by Mr. Maunder, and whose cases were noticed in
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atnericaiiits found in the Southern States as a new species of
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repose, good diet, and occasional counter-irritation, constituted the only treatment,
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life, and it were but of a piece were he disappointed in love also.
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gave to the family was very bad. Dr. Bailey saw the case with
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but they may also be very advantageously employed when the uterus
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home editions of foreign works. What is needed as the foundation
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is a mixture of hydrochloric acid, averaging 0.2 fc] pep-
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mus gland was in a normal condition. It is probable, however, that
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Pathol<vy> — On examining a liver and gall-bladder m nfu the
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In this way the 5th, 6th, and 7th nuclei or nerves may be
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i fere when, the foetus ha^-ing being expelled, the
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quantiti/ of fat. He looks as though he had suthcicnt
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more precise rules, founded upon practical experience attained in the
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does not react to light or on accommodation. In some cases, however,
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[Read in the Section of Surgery, December 1, 1905].
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confirmed condition is discovered and one requiring
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definitely excluding co-existing organic disease will be appre-
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According to Eose, of Zurich, many cases of tetanus end fatally without
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ing the year, and the Chairman was Instructed to send the following
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and inter-arytenoid fold, with increased secretion of mucus or
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Let me say as preface that as regards this benefit,
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fingers in her right ear. The fever remained in the vicinity of
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ised needle to the continued shocks of a torpedo in a metallic
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blood (using that word in its most comprehensive sense, and meaning
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hours and one tablespoonful of Epsom salts twice a day
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ocean the highway of nations, enriching commerce, or armed for
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TABLE IV. — The Total Duration of the Disease in t^}^ Fatal
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per cent, of the cases observed. Possibly the small round-cell type is
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Achilles reflex present. Pulse 84, soft, small, equal and
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The relative or even perfect good health, often found in persons
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vacuum is closed off and the air gradually admitted into the suction
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the underlying factors which produce infectious or primary
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tradition, it originated from alluvial accumulations with-
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capacities to the reeeptioo of sioiple ideasi and eaa nevor give aoj iaformatioD of the immu-
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treatment. The fact of the Sick Children's Hospital being a sep-
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have had no attack for five years, 20 are improved, and 4 remained in the same
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Mania, like melancholia, presents many sub-varieties, characterised by
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the ophthalmoscope had been used. He was quite sure the
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