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practical use of catalogues, indexes, and books of reference could

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never-failing source of bacterial supply, it was no trifling

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A man's chest contains nearly two hundred cubic inches

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ring and the testicle located, but its attachments were so short

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The crisis occurred on the seventh day, and although the convales-

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Michigan, a> this water contains 21.0786 cubic inches

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but wanted it to be free so that motion could be kept up and thereby

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ensuing paper. -^^ The first trace of glycosuria found in frequent catheterizations

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lack of proper drainage, and, perhaps, poor cultivation

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From its exerting a double tonic effect and influencing a healthy

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The laws of things as we know them, their constancy in

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name should be handed down to posterity as one of the great reform-


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Alabama, near the Creek nation of Indians. Syphilis was then very preva-

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Incisions, opening of sub-periosteal abscesses, trephining

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membrane. The tracheal mucous membrane is usually pale,

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from which they can not be distinguished. Some of these vermicules

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7. Weissler AM, Garrard CL: Systolic time intervals in cardiac

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scapular line low down, owing to the little flocculi in the

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Property/Liability, New Jersey Department of Insurance

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rhythmic,” while the diastolic flutter with aortic regur-

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Mott is known to us especially for his work on aneu-

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nephew of the Treasurer of Guy's Hospital, was rector of

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isolation ; disinfection of rooms and contacts ; prevention of

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and go down hand over hand. Never jump from an upper window

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then nicely adjusted and stitched into position. In

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An officer shall be eligible for promotion to the rank of captain