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1. The postallantoic gut remains as a more or less dilated blind

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was silly rather than violent. When the attack is on, she

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rupture of blood-vessels, but of course some parts are more prone to

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the enormous size of twenty-six inches in circumfer-

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sweating, sensations of heat, sudden attacks of diarrhea, and sometimes

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the presence of paralysis with relaxation of the muscles, loss of reflex

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alcohol. No trouble until following Monday, when he

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More than twelve years have elapsed since our illustrious countrj-man first made

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In about six hours I was sent for, as the pains were now very frequent and

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investing matrix to preserve the vital fluid. Therefore, this

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to reduce properly and cure Colles' fracture. A very

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allotropic state of oxygen known as ozone ; irrespirable gases produced

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(4) no danger of the patient being drowned in fecal vomitus ; (5)

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to which the cells take the stain, dependent, we believe, upon cells

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Du Cazal, Traitement de la fievre intermittente par la methode de Boudin. Revue

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riate and inflame the upper lip, thereby adding to the discom-

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of the blood or general anasmia, the surface is pale from

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an abscess is evidently forming, poultices will be better, until it is

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Dr. Klein and Mr. Noble, to the former of whom most of the

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vised. One was struck by the not remarkable fact that

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Wavy breathing over both sides is quite frequent in nervous patients

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the pancreas. To Pawlow is due the credit adrenalin. The attacks recurred as fre-

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bations of headache, but light does not aggravate it, and she believes

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possess the power of causing infections. The pathogenic microorganisms

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barrack-room, soldiers, and especially the older ones,

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on the left side. The respiratory excursion of the dog's thorax was identically

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highly civilized countries. It is a curious fact that the former* ceases

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On the left side there, behind, was absolute dulness to about an inch

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Hepatic — Slight elevations of SGOT. SGPT. or alkaline phosphatase

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ticiilier; de I'accomiiiodation binoculaire et cili-

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obstacles, to keep your eyes toward the summit of professional emience,

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normity of vision. Seven years previously the right

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l)all. This is generally the rule with all who foolishly

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One of the good results which may fairly be anticipated from the dis-

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water; insoluble in alcohol. At 176° F. it is soluble in one

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ble or ulcerated blisters. Patients of all ages are obnoxious to the first,

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