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an indurated state, and the integuments of the chin began to
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chloral hydrate. It is essential that the body of the animal be kept warm, and
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" That so soon as the various councils of the Dominion shall
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former epidemic. This is not to be wondered at. Port of Spain
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In health the amount of pancreatic secretion seems to be controlled by
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ing, walking alone, convulsions, colic, contagious dis-
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each night on going to bed, with instructions that he is to see me once
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hy Carholized Collodion. Service of Dr. S. Fleet Speir. — J.
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longer transparent: In such a case the liquid spouts out, whereas at
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free to the clergy and at five pounds, that is, half price,
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a peculiar glistening look, and were intensely rest-
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development in point of time. There are from eighteen to twenty
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extracted the body and head, co-operating in my efforts with the pains. The
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(a) Shortage of breath (dyspnoes) : This is extremely common, but it varies
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* Mayo, W. J. : Resection of the First Portion of the Large In-
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total number of residences and of buildings furnished
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moistened by the gastric juice " Dr Budd supposes that in the
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to open the wound every two hours while life lasted, in order to
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judicious in the treatment of them ; so that, while his professional
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of his own well-known investigations ; while throughout the work
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the individual has been up and moving about for three or
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ing was then enlarged with the rongeur, and the opening in the
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Vienne, Limoges, 1890, xiv, 17-23.— Rirington (W.) A
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All persons having demands against the lute firm are
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Considerable general illness, doubling of first sound ....... 1
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appear to be wanting, and the duty is left merely to an aitt^iy, a spinal
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years prior to graduatic^n. In recent years there has been a
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specific gravity, or its unique refractory resistance to
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purpose ? The story is told in the Bible, and runs thus :
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at the earliest possible moment, and (2) that sufficiently large doses
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lished iu the abstract of sanitary reports received by him during the
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particularly around the vessels, because the meshes of the areolar
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reference to the explanation of the appearances of diabetes Pro-
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By the incision one of the small branches of the cerebral artery was divided,
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Medical Records/ Informed Consent, Reciprocity, Profes-
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this function, with glycosuria as a result. Phloridzin may be taken
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sioned by peculiar conditions of it. It is stated that the
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forms a ver}* agreeable mixture. It could be also used in
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Biggs (Med. News, November 30, 1895) gives us convincing statistics
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or constant dyspnoea in proportion to the amount of emphysema, will char-